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If you own a home that is close to a fualt line and is in risk of an Earthquake then you might want to invest in Earthquake Insurance. 

A common misconception is that Earthquake Insurance is included in Homeowners Insurance, but it is not. You need Earthquake Insurance to protect your home from damage in the event of an Earthquake. 

The premium can change depending on a couple of things related to your home. 

  • If your home is made out of wood instead of brick, you’ll get a cheaper prive

  • If your home is far from an earthquake zone compared to being closer to one, you’ll get a better price

A good thing to keep in mind is that many insurance companies stray away from this insurance because it is very limited to the amount of clients that actually need it. 

However, if you are in need of an Earthquake Insurance quote, give us a call at 925-478-5903