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Information about Tickets 

Even the most minor of traffic tickets can have serious ramifications on your insurance and driving record for at least the next 3 years to come if not longer. You’re probably already paying an arm and a leg for your insurance, but imagine paying an extra $20-$150 a month due to a traffic ticket. It’s a real possibility, depending on the severity of your ticket and how many you receive. A minor speeding ticket may raise your rates by a few a dollars, but three tickets in two years will likely have a drastic effect on your insurance. For most people, it takes just one serious traffic offense to see a major price increase. If you’re ever charged with a DUI, expect to see about a 50% increase or better in your rates, of course, that’s if your insurance company doesn’t completely drop you from their coverage.

While a traffic ticket can cost you money in insurance rates, it can cost you in other ways too, so we always recomend that you take traffic school when possible to avoid those points showing up on your record.