Lowering the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance

Simple steps can lead to savings. Spending less money is much easier than perfecting your tight turns at high speeds on a gravel road. Take a look at our suggestions below for simple ways to lower your motorcycle insurance costs.

Ride More. Worry Less.

  • More expensive motorcycle = more expensive insurance
    Before you buy a motorcycle, check with your agent to see what it will cost to insure it. Expensive bikes cost more to repair, maintain and insure. The safety equipment you select may also save you money.
  • Increase your deductible
    By raising the amount you pay out-of-pocket for losses, you can save more on your motorcycle insurance policy. Ask your agent to explain the trade-offs.
  • One company + combined policies = lower cost
    The more policies you have with a company (car, home, etc.), the more substantial the savings. Learn more about your motorcycle insurance coverage options.
  • Safety saves
    You may be able to save money on your premium if your motorcycle is stored in a garage, if you belong to certain rider groups, or if you’ve taken a safe rider course sponsored by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

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